Dr. David Harari

Tactical Robotics Ltd, Urban Aeronautics Ltd

From 1970 to 2009, David Harari held many positions at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in Israel.

For 16 years he developed the Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems (UAV) activities at IAI and after this period, he was the IAI Deputy Vice President for R.& D. and the President of Israel Aerospace Industries in Europe.

From 2012, he is the co-Chairman of the France-Israel High Council for Science and

He is the Board Chairman of the Israeli company “Tactical Robotics Ltd” and a Board
member of the Israeli company “Urban Aeronautics Ltd”.

In 1998, he has been listed by the “Industries et Technique” French magazine as one of the scientists that has most influenced the scientific world in the last decades and in 2015, he has been listed by the French Economist Magazine “Challenges” as one of the
100 personalities who change the world.

Laureate of the Israel Prize for Engineering, the Israeli Defense Prize and the Israeli
Marketing Prize.
Laureate of the US Prize Pioneer, for its contribution to the development of unmanned
aircraft systems.

Knight of the French National Order of Merit.
Knight of the French Legion of Honor.

David Harari has been educated in France and held a Ph.D. in Physics and Computer Systems Engineering from Paris University and an Engineering degree in Electricity and