Dr. Nir Karasikov

NASS, Technology and Business Consultancy

Results driven professional with over 45 years of C-level and senior leadership experience in the High-Tech industry, holding positions of CEO, CTO, and SVP R&D.

Proven track record of success and technology excellence through innovative research and product development, targeted at diversified market segments including Semicon, Medical, Defense and Consumer Electronics products.

Significantly scaled up high-tech companies through both top-line revenue growth and profitability, as well as disruptive technological innovation. Streamlined operations and launched successful product development and sales pipelines, expanding companies’ portfolios to numerous market segments.

Built a wide network of mission-critical industry partnerships and alliances.

Areas of expertise:
Specializes in multidisciplinary systems, infra-red, electro-optics, laser-based metrology, security systems, image analysis, machine vision, microscopy, stabilized payloads, piezoelectricity, material science and precision mechanical systems for Semicon, Life Science, Defense and Space applications.