Alessandro Matese

National Research Council, Italy

Senior Researcher at the National Research Council (CNR-ITALY) in Florence at the Institute of BioEconomy (IBE). Visiting Associate Professor at the Geosystems Research Institute (GRI) at Mississippi State University (MSU-USA). M.S. degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Florence (Italy), Department of Earth Sciences. PhD in Agriculture, Forest and Food Science, Doctoral School of Sciences and Innovative Technologies at the University of Turin. His research interests are in remote sensing of agroecosystems, precision agriculture and forestry, unmanned aerial vehicles, multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal imaging, crop modeling, data fusion, machine learning and geostatistics. He is/was Principal Investigator (PI) in more than ten competitive research projects. Among his research projects, he serves as PI for a EU funded project from PRIMA-MED titled “DATI” which explores how to develop, implement and enhance irrigation efficiency using digital tools to create practical solution for small-scale farmers. Authored more than 80 peer-reviewed international journal articles.