Dr. Alon Stopel

Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), and Chief Scientist of Innovation
  • Business development and international cooperation through R&D – establishment of R&D centers in the US and Australia with government support, to increase market share and business activities in the international market. Building business strategy in order to establish additional centers in additional countries.
  • Business strategy through technological chain – development and adaptation of disruptive technologies, which increase existing market share, and growth engines for new products and markets, based on the applicable corporate business vectors.
  • Project management and initiation – initiation, characterization and management in projects having a multi-million USD value. Projects in the field of signal processing, radar, optics, communications and microelectronics.
  • International market experience
  • Work with the Israeli Innovation Authority, bi-national funds and EU programs.
  • Diverse management capabilities, education and experience – CEO of startups, companies, business activities, business ventures and engineering teams.
  • Member of the Racah Nanotech Fund Advisory Board.
  • Ph.D in Electronics Engineering (Physical Electronics) and an MBA from Tel Aviv University. BSc. Electrical Engineering from Technion Haifa