Lior Segal

Co-Founder and CEO, ThirdEye Systems Ltd.

Lior Segal is the Co-Founder and CEO of ThirdEye Systems Ltd., a position he has held for more
than thirteen years. ThirdEye Systems is a publicly traded company that developed unique
AI-based solutions, mainly for in the defense sector. The company provide its aerial dominant
solutions for various major defense companies and it has been operational in the field for the past
3 years.
The company’s products also provide various solutions for ground robotics as well as C-UAV
advanced systems.
Prior to founding ThirdEye, Lior completed his internship at APM & Co. in its hi-tech department
and successfully passed the Israeli Bar Association exams.
During Lior’s period of studies, he worked as an analyst for Cheetah Securities, a London based
hedge fund. Prior to that, Lior worked as a market analyst for TEVA Europe consultant team.

Conference Postponement Notice

Due to the security situation in Israel,
the committee has decided to postpone the conference.

The conference is now scheduled to take place on

March 17-19, 2024

The Conference will remain in its original format.

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