Dr. Liran Antebi

Program Director for Advanced Technologies and National Security, INSS, Israel

Dr. Liran Antebi is a Research Fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS ), a lecturer in the academic and a member of iPRAW.
Dr. Antebi holds a BA in Political Science, MA in Diplomacy and Security Studies, and a PhD. in Political Science, all from Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Antebi is engaged in several research areas under the field of National Security and Military Affairs, including Military Technology, unmanned military systems and robotics, the future battlefield, the impact of advanced technologies on different policy fields, and arms control, as well as democracies at wars and asymmetrical warfare. At INSS, she managed the Technological Forecasting and Policy Implications research program and was a Neubauer Research Associate between 2013-2014.

Dr. Antebi is lecturing, consulting and conducting research, in English (and Hebrew).