Rami Levy

CEO and Owner, Rami Levi Shivuk Hashikma & Cando Drones, Israel

Rami Levy is eager to introduce drones that will be used for food deliveries for its shoppers. The company announced that the vision of the joint activity with Cando Drones is to create a comprehensive system for operating a fleet of autonomous drones, for security and transport purposes.

The vision for the joint activity is to create a complete system for operating a fleet of autonomous drones, from the stage of the order by the customer to the completion of the mission (including matching means to the mission, planning a flight path, an interface to the airspace management systems and controlling a large number of simultaneous tasks).

“Rami Levy’s strategy is to put the customer at the center. Using the drones we intend to develop a system to operate a fleet of autonomous drones within which Rami Levy’s customers will be able to order deliveries via drones directly from our online ordering website or from the app”.