Prof. Ron S. Kenett

The KPA Group and the Samuel Neaman Institute, Technion, Israel

Ron S. KenettPh.D. is Chairman of the KPA Group, Senior Research Fellow, the Samuel Neaman Institute, Technion, Haifa and Research Professor at the University of Turin in Italy.

He is an applied statistician with recognized contributions to statistical methods and applications in a wide range of domains. He was awarded the 2018 Box Medal by the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics and the 2013 Greenfield Medalist by the Royal Statistical Society for outstanding contributions to applied statistics.

He is Editor in Chief of the Wiley Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, Past President of the Israeli Statistical Association, Past President and Honorary Member of ENBIS, the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics.

As a Professor of Management, at the State University of New York, he was awarded the General Electric Quality Management Fellowship.

For nine years he served as Director of Statistical Methods for Tadiran Telecommunications Corporation and, previously, as researcher at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey.