Shay Levy

CEO, FlightOps, Israel

Shay Levy is the co-founder and CEO of FlightOps, a leading drone flight automation software platform. This technology is utilized by market leaders such as DroneUp for Walmart drone deliveries, and Qualcomm for their drone solutions aimed at first responders.

Levy graduated from Tel Aviv University, majoring in industrial design and education. Beginning his professional career as a computer game designer, he then ventured into the development of defense-related command and control systems for unmanned aircraft.

Before co-founding FlightOps, Levy held key roles in various organizations. He served as product manager for WebMap.com, a startup focused on visual search tools for the web. He was the CEO and co-founder of MobiJobi, a startup that developed a mobile workforce management solution. Founded and led Simplex, a defense system integrator.

Conference Postponement Notice

Due to the security situation in Israel,
the committee has decided to postpone the conference.

The conference is now scheduled to take place on

March 17-19, 2024

The Conference will remain in its original format.

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Conference Secretariat