Target Audience

UAV related organizations, agencies, societies, government

  • UAV and aeronautical organisations
  • Flight controlling
  • Air space legislation agencies
  • R&D agencies related to air space control, innovation etc.
  • Societies related to UAV, aircrafts and its related technologies

Companies, business sector

  • UAV and aircraft manufacturers
  • UAV subsystems manufactures
  • Services companies
  • Simulation and training


  • UAV engineering faculties¬†
  • Aeronautics and space engineering faculties
  • Electronics Engineering faculties
    (UAV subsystems i.e., controllers, energy storage, navigation, communication etc.)
  • Mechanical engineering faculties (UAV structures, propulsion, thermodynamics)
  • Computer science & computer engineering faculties (in board and ground station software, AI tools)
  • Mathematics (AI and computational tools)
  • Material engineering faculties (UAV advanced materials)

Publishers, professional journals, news, media